Advanced Concrete Technology: Constituent Materials

Advanced Concrete Technology: Constituent Materials
  • نسخه 2003
  • تاریخ نشر ۲۱ فروردین ۱۳۹۸


English Title: Advanced Concrete Technology: Constituent Materials


– John Newman, Department of Civil Engineering, Imperial College, London
– Ban Seng Choo, School of the Built Environment, Napier University, Edinburgh

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0 7506 5103 2

Price on Amazon: $ 105.69

عنوان فارسی: تکنولوژی بتن پیشرفته ۱: مصالح متشکله

قیمت در سایت آمازون: ۱۰۵٫۶۹ دلار

The book, Advanced Concrete Technology: Constituent Materials, is based on the syllabus and learning objectives devised by the Institute of Concrete Technology for the Advanced Concrete Technology (ACT) course. The first ACT course was held in 1968 at the Fulmer Grange Training Centre of the Cement and Concrete Association (now the British Cement Association). Following a re-organization of the BCA the course was presented at Imperial College London from 1982 to 1986 and at Nottingham University from 1996 to 2002. With advances in computer-based communications technology the traditional residential course has now been replaced in the UK by a web-based distance learning version to focus more on self-learning rather than teaching and to allow better access for participants outside the UK. This book, as well as being a reference document in its own right, provides the core material for the new ACT course and is divided into four volumes covering the following general areas:
• constituent materials
• properties and performance of concrete
• types of concrete and the associated processes, plant and techniques for its use in construction
• testing and quality control processes.
The aim is to provide readers with an in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of topics within the field of concrete technology at an advanced level. To this end, the chapters are written by acknowledged specialists in their fields. The book has taken a relatively long time to assemble in view of the many authors so the contents are a snapshot of the world of concrete within this timescale. It is hoped that the book will be revised at regular intervals to reflect changes in materials, techniques and standards.

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